EGC Launch Night

EGC Launch Night

EGC Launch Night


February 2020 saw an exciting start to 2020 to the year where we as a club was so proud to announce the launch of Eclipse gymnastics centre.

We would like to first say a big thank you to the students of St Hughs school who designed the logo for Eclipse as part or their media studies lesson.
Director Evie Lane had a vision of introducing an all inclusive club which would nurture gymnasts aspiring them to grow in a sport they love.
A relaunch party was held at the Mc Millimans suite were we were host to old and new members, introducing a new excited prosperous team who share the same ethos of the gym.
What a successful night with not an empty seat in sight, all families and staff share the same vision and excitement of what the future will bring. Money was raised for the clubs chosen charities.
Our Vision

We strive to empower our gymnasts allowing them to be confident and grow within the sport, we provide a inclusive, enjoyable environment for all.

This would not be able to happen without the hard work and dedication of everyone that is a part of Eclipse, together we will grow.

The future is bright, the future is exciting.



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